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Online ledgers, Vouchers and Sales report

We offer online information such as ledgers, sales report, Vouchers etc. that remarkably reduce the manual effort to manage accounts by agents.

Online Tools

Tools reduce a primitive approach of investing time in manually recording and saving data. Our tools like an easy mark up settings, profit calculations, viewing rates in local currency, displaying the agency logo on vouchers etc manages a big chunk of tasks for agencies.

Deeply integrated Amadeus Selling Platform

We are deeply integrated with renowned GDS - Amadeus. We are known as a Content store on the Amadeus Selling Platform.

Service Delivery

We provide 24X7 support to our agents through various communication channels such as - geographies like - U.A.E., Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Srilanka, London, Kenya, Egypt etc.

Payment Options

We offer various payment options such as credit card, Floating deposit, transfers and cash upload at our Banks in UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and State Of Qatar. Bank Guarantee & Floating deposits are accepted to open the credit line subject to terms and conditions.